Self-talk and scripting affect your confidence

Self-talk is the way you talk to yourself, usually subconsciously, in your head. Scripting is what you believe about yourself.

When your self-talk and scripting match, you feel confident about yourself and empowered to succeed.

When they don’t match, you can struggle with performance or interpersonal relationships, both in your own personal life and especially at work.

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A recent study in Nature on self-talk documented the effects of positive or negative self-talk on brain functional connectivity. The way that you talk to yourself has measurable effects on your ability to meet your own goals.

You might be a high-powered hedge fund manager, high-tech professional, entrepreneur, or professional athlete, but if you hold limiting beliefs (often without even being aware of them), you’ll feel that something’s continuing to hold you back and restricting you from achieving your full potential.

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