Elite Mental & Performance Coaching

Do you know that you can be better, and perform better? Is anxiety, low motivation, or just feeling down frustrating your ambitions? Do you self-sabotage, hold self-limiting beliefs, or engage in negative self-talk that limits your ability to reach your goals? 

In performance coaching, we will leverage psychological insights and practical tools to unlock your potential. We will identify and validate the core issues that keep you stuck. Together we will create realistic goals and customized plans while building on your strengths. We will identify and defuse the roadblocks that are holding you back.

Man looking at the desert with arms wide open
Dr. Cristina Dominguez empowers high-achieving yet struggling professionals

Not your traditional doctor

No hours of paperwork or questioning. Out of the gate, we will identify the problematic mindsets that keep you from achieving success. You can stop feeling like an imposter or that you are not good enough. You can thrive. 

Together, we will build coping skills, confidence, and self-esteem. We will address the beliefs that hold you back. Get the support you need to move toward optimal wellness in your personal life, professional success, or enhanced athletic performance.

If you are tired of telling your story to therapists without getting results, your experience this time will be very different. Reach out today to get started.