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Together, we will identify the problematic mindsets that prevent you from achieving success.

Many successful men and women who are trailblazers in their families — as entrepreneurs, athletes, successful professionals, or achieving academic success — encounter roadblocks on their path forward. Some find themselves just unhappy, burned outexhausted, unable to understand their spouse, or frustrated by their relationships with family.

If this sounds like you please don’t hesitate to reach out for a consultation today. I look forward to hearing from you and joining you along your journey.

About Me

Hi, my name is Cristina!

Are you tired of retelling your story over and over to different therapists and still not feeling like you have made a good match? As a mental health professional I become frustrated with the rigid, traditional approach to therapy. I didn’t feel like it allowed me to get to know you and help you in an organic way. Hours of paperwork and lengthy questionnaires don’t let us get to the conversations that help you feel better until at least 3-4 weeks AFTER your initial session.

  • I may be the last doctor that you will ever need to see as we work together to heal, explore, and ultimately meet the best version of yourself.

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What you can expect to accomplish

Working together you can gain clarity and insight into what is holding you back. You can learn to set boundaries that protect your emotional and physical well-being. You can also develop effective coping skills and strategies to overcome your challenges, live better and be happier. Finally be able to live the fulfilling life you’ve always wanted.

I look forward to hearing your story!

Education & affiliations

  • Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology, Florida School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Central Florida

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