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Do You Feel Exhausted and Resentful? You’re Not Alone

Even the most successful, highly functional adults can feel exhausted and resentful at times. Working hard to maintain our lifestyles and keep up with those around us, we often find ourselves feeling like we’re constantly giving more than we’re getting back in return, whether at home or in the workplace. Do you feel chronic fatigue, resentment, or frustration? You are not alone. I can help you find balance.

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When laser focus on achievement stops working for you

Are you an adult who defines yourself by professional successes and career accomplishments? Do you need to stay busy to feel a sense of self-worth? Many trailblazing individuals who are powered by a focus on success find that they are just unhappy.  

How is this working out for you? Has your drive for accomplishment gotten you far beyond your starting point, but at the cost of feeling resentment, exhaustion, and anxiety?

Coaching can be a powerful resource for you. You can learn to nurture yourself and build (or rebuild) meaningful relationships. You can gain the ability to tolerate distress and regulate emotions in healthier ways. You can be present, fully present, with your family, give back to your community, and enjoy your accomplishments.

Feelings of chronic fatigue and frustration

Feelings of chronic fatigue are your body’s way of telling you that you need to change. In our sessions, I often meet the most successful, accomplished men and women who nevertheless report:

“I have been feeling frustrated, resentful, and exhausted for as long as I can remember. It’s hard to explain because it’s not a physical exhaustion or pain that is easy to see. It’s an exhaustion from feelings of helplessness, failure, powerlessness. It’s an exhaustion from having to put on a happy face for others when the reality is that I feel like crying all the time. When my happy mask slips and people find out how much work really goes into making me look successful, they either think I’m lying or have a hard time understanding what it’s like to be chronically tired.”

If your life is not working for you anymore

Adults who have achieved success often find that the system that has worked for them for so long just isn’t working anymore. In our work together, you can learn to modify your practices and behaviors in ways that can make you feel more energized and happier.

You can learn to set healthy boundaries that protect your mental and physical health. Our goes will be to have the external or material success that you crave while building healthier, more meaningful, and more satisfying relationships at home and at work.

In our first session, you get expect to get validation about what you have been through. Coaching will help you put the dots together so that your feelings and frustrations make sense. The sense of relief that you aren’t crazy will be tangible. And, a plan forward will give you direction. 

In coaching with me, you can get help seeing what role you play in your current state and how you can effect real change for relationships that align better with your own wellbeing.

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