From burnout to balance

Burnout is nature’s alert signal to take care of yourself

You might know why you burn out — you just have too much on your plate. Knowing why is different than being able to stop and reprogram your life. Most of us just can’t stop the world and get off. We don’t have the luxury of being able to renege on our responsibilities. So, we feel stuck.

When responsibilities threaten to overwhelm you, burnout is actually your best friend, insisting that you also take care of yourself. Listen!

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Managing burnout and preventing relapse

The extent of your burnout, and the sources of your burnout, will determine how much and what kind of recovery treatment you need.

Effective performance coaching isn’t designed to relieve you entirely of a system of working that brought you success. You don’t have to learn an entire way of being. You don’t have to quit your job and live in a remote cabin in the mountains.

I am here to help you identify and keep the parts that are working for you because you know yourself best. Working together, you will learn to tweak what isn’t working so you don’t experience burnout when you have a goal you want to achieve.

For many people, professional support can help you identify the triggers that set you up for feeling overwhelmed, can help you develop effective coping methods, and can be a critical source of support.

Fight burnout by getting smarter, not by giving up

Working together, you can get help setting priorities and determining what is really urgent. You can learn to delegate some urgent tasks, and postpone (or dismiss completely) tasks that are not on your critical path. 

Black-and-white thinking is often one of the causes of prolonged burnout. If it brought you to where you are today, it can be hard to realize you can do things differently and more successfully with less pressure on you. We will help you make this change.

In our work together, I teach you different ways to get the same outcome without triggering burnout and work through any fears holding you back from making these very impactful changes.

You will develop the skills to shift your focus to what’s truly important and learn strategies that will help you reach those goals while being able to maintain your mental health.

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