What Our Clients Say:

"Dr. Dominguez is God sent!! She is truly an amazing being and therapist. She is a great listener, never judges, caring, gives it to you straight (which I love), funny, and most importantly, present. She has been with me through some tough times and honestly, I wouldn't be where I am at and who l am as a person if it wasn't for her. Seeking help isn't easy nor finding someone you can truly open up to and let it all out, but it is easy with her. It's like talking to your best friend who genuinely wants the best for you. The list goes on and on; best investment in myself and my mental well-being."
- A.H
"I worked with Cristina for over one year in a difficult period of my life. She always felt safe to open up to and more importantly, showed me how to be compassionate towards myself in moments of overwhelm. She also provided insightful perspective in viewing my issues. I also appreciate her belief that an individual should not be in therapy forever, and she equips you with the tools to feel better and move past therapy. It was great working with her and I would recommend her 100%."
- N.E
"Dr. Dominguez has helped me to completely transform my life. Thank you again for all of your hard work and insight."
- F.C

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