Why Choose Dr. Cristina Dominguez Performance Coaching?

Performance coaching is a valuable tool that can greatly enhance your professional and personal development. By working closely with Dr. Cristina Dominguez, you can gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Through goal-setting, skill-building exercises, and personalized feedback, performance coaching can help you unlock your full potential and achieve optimal performance. Dr. Dominguez will provide guidance, support, and accountability, enabling you to overcome obstacles, develop effective strategies, and cultivate a growth mindset.

Whether enhancing leadership skills, improving productivity, or managing work-life balance, performance coaching offers a tailored and results-oriented approach to help you thrive and reach your goals.

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Dr. Dominguez has extensive experience and training in providing coaching for:


You can learn tools and strategies to overcome burnout, rediscover your motivation, and find renewed energy and passion in your personal and professional life. Through self-reflection exercises, goal-setting, and boundary-setting techniques, Dr. Dominugez can help you establish a healthier work-life balance, prioritize self-care, and manage stress more effectively.

Learn to prevent burnout before it starts:

Dr. Dominguez’s work with you on time management, delegation, and building resilience will enable you to create sustainable habits and reduce the risk of burnout in the future.

Burnout often stems from prolonged periods of chronic stress, feeling overwhelmed, and a lack of fulfillment in your work or personal life. Dr. Dominguez will work with you to identify the root causes of burnout in your life and develop effective coping mechanisms.

High-performing adults:

You can improve effectiveness and productivity, learn techniques to cope with stress, overcome limiting beliefs, build resilience, and more. We will work together to develop strategies so you can thrive in your personal and professional lives.


We will delve into the psychological aspects of athletic performance, helping you build mental resilience, confidence, and focus. By addressing any limiting beliefs or self-doubt, you can overcome obstacles and excel under pressure. Performance coaching not only enhances your abilities but also empowers you to become the best versions of yourself both on and off the court, yielding a lasting impact on your career and life. Unlike therapy, the focus of performance coaching is to optimize your skills, techniques, and mindset to enhance performance and achieve specific goals in your sport.

Successful interpersonal and romantic relationships:

You can develop vital skills such as effective communication, active listening, conflict resolution, and empathy.

Dr. Dominguez provides a safe space for you to explore their values, beliefs, and emotional intelligence, helping you understand your own needs and those of your partners or loved ones.

Performance coaching can enhance your emotional intelligence, foster deeper connections, and cultivate healthy communication patterns.

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Career advancement:

You will receive personalized guidance to help you identify your career aspirations, set meaningful goals, and develop individualized action plans to achieve them.

Dr. Dominguez provides valuable insights into areas such as leadership skills, effective communication, decision-making, and strategic thinking, equipping you with the tools you need to excel in your current position and advance to higher positions.
Performance coaching fosters a proactive and growth-oriented mindset, enabling you to maximize your potential, advance in your career, and achieve long-term success.


Boundaries are essential for protecting your well-being, managing time and energy, and fostering healthy relationships. Performance coaching can help you explore your values, needs, and personal limits, helping you establish clear boundaries that align with your goals and priorities. Coaching provides guidance and strategies for effective boundary-setting, such as learning to say “no” without guilt, establishing realistic expectations, and communicating assertively.

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Dr. Cristina Dominguez is based in NYC and offers virtual appointments to anyone regardless of their location. You can learn to set boundaries that protect your emotional and physical well-being, while still enjoying professional success.

Performance coaching is a valuable tool that can greatly enhance your professional and personal development. Expect quick, long lasting results in comparison to traditional psychotherapy

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