Understanding limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are thoughts or ideas that you hold to be true about yourself. These thoughts can be rational or irrational. They’re usually the result of your environment, upbringing, or experiences. Most of the time you’re not even aware of your limiting beliefs even though they greatly influence how you work and interact with others.

Unfortunately, these limiting beliefs can easily keep you from achieving your goals in life. When you stop truly believing in yourself enough to take the necessary steps to succeed, those limiting beliefs are inhibiting your success.

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Limiting beliefs can be hard to identify

Limiting beliefs are often difficult to identify because they’re so deeply entrenched in our psyches. In fact, most of us don’t even realize we have them until someone points them out to us. Often, only after you experience the negative effects of limiting beliefs will you reach out for help.

A professional coach can be very helpful when it comes to recognizing and examining our limiting beliefs and finding ways to let them go or work around them.

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